SHANAN Education Networking Group (SENG) is an umbrella group comprising many community education groups located in different areas in Northern Shan State, parts of Kachin State, Manadalay division, and Seigain division.

This network is run by volunteers and responds to local education demands by organizing many different types of short training courses such as English proficiency, computer studies, Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking (RWCT) and community development workshops. In addition, SENG also finds funding for the cost of stationary (books, pencils and pen) for children in these areas.

SENG has been running a young leadership development program for six years, which provides short and very basic teacher training to young people who have finished school and have a willingness to serve their respective communities. Not all children in these areas have access to government schools. So, SENG organizes education centers for them which are run by community. In addition, SENG also provides after school classes to children who go on to government schools because often those schools don’t have enough teachers and deliver a limited curriculum. Those schools often have large classes and focus on memorizing information for exams. For this reason, SENG promotes critical thinking skills for teachers using methods from Thinking Classroom Foundation.

The Network is set in the same spirit as the communities’ togetherness. Through these partnerships we stand as one, helping/ supporting one another to accomplish our works for each community.


“Partnership is the heartbeat of our working group”

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  1. lamung doira says:

    everything is good!

  2. L. Zau Dim @ David says:

    God Bless SENG !!!!

  3. Salai Thawng says:


    Perfect. May the Lord shower the endless blessings upon it.

  4. Mung Hkai says:

    Shanan hku nna hpaji hte seng ai hpe grai dam lada ai hku galaw nga ai lam hpe chye lu ai majaw grai kabu ngun lu ai.
    Hpang e anhte Myitkyina Htoi development foundation hte mung matut mahkai nna tatut rau anhte jinghpaw myu sha ni a matu jawm ta gin dun galaw sa mai ai ni nga yang matut mahkai ta gindun la mi ngu lajin mayu ga ai.
    Anhte mung IDP camp hte laksan ma ni hte dakasu jawng ma ni a hpaji lam hte seng nna dang lu ai maga hku nna galaw nga ga ai.

  5. Sau Wang says:

    ndai zawm rai shanan hpe hpawng hpang wa ai Ramma ni yawng hte n dai zawn re ai hpaji lam hta apnawng shakut taw nga ai ramma ni yawng hpe a rawng la n ngai….
    God Bless You (Seng) forever and ever..

  6. jkpaupu says:

    GOD blessing for Shanan Education Network

  7. furkan ahmad says:

    shahan education main kiya kiya padahi hota hai Our koun sa digress hai please reply

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