Who we are

SENG is a non-profit organization and working for the orphans; poor kids; youths from rural areas of around the country. SENG was established in 2009.

We serve our people regardless of faith, culture, ethnicity, gender or economic status.

Explanation of the name …..

“Shanan” means “Torch” in Kachin language. The reason we use   this name is because people in ethnic areas, particularly in remote areas, were left behind in every sectors. People in these areas are especially far behind in mindset development because they did not receive a proper education. The future of these people is uncertain. They are wandering in the darkness; they do not know where they are heading to. Therefore, they need a light to lead them out of the darkness. We realized that education is the only light to lead them out of the darkness and to help them develop their mindset.  Therefore, we picked the name “Shanan” for our group to overcome the darkness, which is a great challenge in our community, today.

Vision & Mission:

  • To improve the quality of life for people from remote areas who lack social development.
  • To promote social justice by offering equal opportunities to the underprivileged people in our society.
  • To build social progress for our society starting with human resource development.

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