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Youth Leadership Development Program(s) (YLDP)

History: In 2004, the YLDP was developed by a group of young volunteers working at St. Matthew’s Orphanage Center and in other parts of the country. This was set up in recognition of the desperate need for education for disadvantaged children. This program is now under the Shanan Education Networking Group (SENG).

This network is run by volunteers and responds to local education demands by organizing many different types of short training courses such as English, computer studies, Bible study and Training for the Bible trainers, Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking (RWCT) and community development workshops.    In addition, SENG also finds funding for the cost of stationery (books, pencils and pen) for children in these areas.

SENG has been running a youth leadership development program for seven years, which provides basic teacher’s training and Bible training to young people who have finished school and have a willingness to serve their respective communities. Currently we are running the following projects;

Summer Teacher’s Training (STT)

Vision & Mission: To produce young leaders who will work as highly effective teachers and community workers with children and communities in the [region]. Especially, they, be transformers of peoples’ mindset of their environment.


  • The course graduates will be familiar with, and confident implementing, the most effective teaching methodologies.
  • The course graduates will have a clear understanding of the principles and practice underpinning of critical thinking skills and their work in communities will reflect this.
  • The course graduates will be effective transformers and inspirational leaders in their communities and act as role models for the children with whom they work.

Our summer teacher’s training (STT) is focused on mobile teachers from the remote areas who are working with and under the SENG. As they need to strengthen their capacity, the program expects to upgrade its teaching skills and community development skills by which it will be able to help the development of underprivileged people more effectively.

This training is led by certified trainers and experts from our partnership organizations (inside and outside the country), and focused on active learning principle, cooperative learning principle, critical thinking concept and democratic practice in schools, providing professional development opportunities for existing teachers, and developing education policy and practice.

After the course, the participants return to their areas where they understand they have a responsibility to pass on to their colleagues the knowledge and skills they have learned on the course. As most of these young people work with at least 2 or more other staff, this essentially means that 75-100 local teachers/community workers will be upskilled as a result of this course.

This project is bringing indirectly benefit to over 1500 of the neediest children, many of whom are orphans, but it also includes those living in the community with their families. They will also provide extra teaching and support to children after school to complement the government schooling, and this has the potential to remove some of the burden from the overstretched government school teachers.

In addition to their teaching skills, the knowledge gained by the course graduates of the most effective community development methodologies will enable them to produce better outcomes, not only for their students, but for the whole community.

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  1. Sut Su Naw says:

    Grai a rawng la sai loi.Jinghpaw ni hpe SARA hte SARAMA ni kaw na naw myi hpaw lam
    madun la rit law.Anhte myu sha ni hpe grai CHYE JU DUM AI YAW .

    Ga law sa na smu ni gaw grai kaja nga ai .Hkang Hkang na amu ni re loi.

    THANK YOU YAW .www.shananeducation.org

  2. L. Zau Dim says:

    Thanks Sut Su Naw….

    N-gun jaw ya ai lam ni a matu grai chyeju kaba sai.

    Grai shakut nga u…. anhte arau bungli galaw sa mat wa ga…

    chyeju dum let,

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