How to help

SENG is a non profit organization which provides its services for free. We rely on individual donations and always operate within a shortfall. Your donation no matter how small will make a huge difference for the disadvantaged people with whom SENG works.

Provide learning materials: most children cannot afford to buy course books, pencils or pens. A set of learning materials cost as little as $9 for one student for a year.

Support a volunteer teacher: our communities are always short of trained teachers. SENG wants to provide high quality teaching for the children. $ 750 will fund one volunteer teacher for one year. This money will cover basic allowances and travel costs.

Sponsor extra training for the volunteer teachers: To work successfully with such disadvantaged students, it is critical that their teachers have further expertise in the most effective and up-to-date teaching methodologies and an ability to think critically. $180 will cover a five week intensive training for one teacher/community worker. We would love to train 20 teachers/community workers for each year.

Recommend this network to your contacts:spreading the word about our work will strengthen our capacity to extend our quality services into more communities.